Your Very Stupid is the third song sung in Total Drama The Island . It is featured in Total Drama Aftermath I: Sadie, Owen and Others Over Troubled Water.


Justin: Thats really really creepy (he sings)

Lindsay: Here I am!!!

Duncan: Oh Justin you make me puke like Owen's relationship

Courtney: You're not supposed to be singing, Lindsay... -_-

Lindsay: Really? Aww....

Justin: Ooh, ooh, shut up Courtney.

Courtney: Well! *sits down and crosses arms*

Duncan: When I was bored, I gave a wedgie to Hair Harold!

Justin: Chris is retarded

Duncan: I'm glad he's not here

Justin: Ooh, ooh

Courtney: You got that right!

Duncan: Justin is also stupid

Lindsay: Cedella, no singing, rememebr?

Josh: let's start the song

Owen: i was doing the song up ther

Lindsay: Yeah, Jeff!

Courtney: *facepalm*

Justin: I'm so not stupid don't be playin

Duncan: Stu stu very stupid! You think your all hot when really you're not ot ot!

Sadie: *sneezes* ACHOO! Bless me...

Lindsay: Bless you, Katie!

Sadie: But I'm Sadie!

Lindsay: Huh? Oh, ookay...

Lindsay: Cedella, do you have a cough?

Courtney: It's COURTNEY... and no.

Sadie: Well it sure sounded like it......


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