Total Drama Aftermath 2: Adventures in Eliminations
Season 1, Episode 11
First Aired (USA) July 21, 2010
Episode Guide
"Ready, Set, Paintball"


The episode started with a catfight between Gwen and Eva some of the most recent eliminated players. It went on for a while and Gwen definitely won the talking part but maybe you could say Eva won the fighting. In one part Gwen was thrown on Owen another eliminated contestant. Sadie was interviewed and she was informed tat Katie and Trent are still going out and that there was no breakup what so ever. Sadie also learned Bridgette was filling in as Katie's BFF. The audience was also informed Sadie and Justin are dating, along with Gwen and Duncan. Eva and Noah were forced into singing a stupid song and Gwen revealed out of everyone in the game she hated Eva and Izzy the most. At the end they find out, LeShawna is missing leaving every single person at the aftermath shocked.






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