This season is called "Total Drama, The Reloaded."


fourteen new teenagers are forced to compete in another season of Total Drama The Reloaded. They are taken from the small island to an abandoned film lot, Then an freee trip around the world. now they are forced to compete in new, restyled, matrix-themed challenges.


Members (Colsed)

The Radioactive Ant'sEdit

Intern -Zannabanna

Shane - Webly

Lisa - Brandon1998

Jayson - Fanny

Ryan - Total Drama Naruto

Angela Lansbury - Fanny

Cameron - TT66

The Plutonium Roache'sEdit

Destiny - Heather rocks

Jalayla - Teddy10

Teddy - Teddy10

Helvetica - Webly

Pablo - Zannabanna

Hakari - *Kinz*

Mike - Drama786

Descriptons (Newbies)Edit

Zack - Hot Boy

Pablo -A Mexican Hot Boy

Cameron- The Wierd Boy

Jalayla - The Sweet Twin of Teddy

Teddy - The Tough Twin of Jalayla

Shane - The Dumb Hottie

Helvetica - The Evil Antagonist

Lisa -

Mike-The Strong Competive Guy



  1. Bigger, Badder, Newer

Elimination TableEdit

Main article: Total Drama, The Reloaded Season Four Elimination Table

Elimination OrderEdit

'10. Intern

9. ' Destiny

8. ' Jalayla

7. Helvetica

6. Lisa

5. Mike

4. Alejandro

3. Bethany

2. Maxine

1. Lynn


  • This is the only season where users are aloaded to sign up as new campers..
  • and he only season where you can draw the cast.