Owen, I Love You is the second song sung in Total Drama The Island . It is featured in Total Drama Aftermath I: Sadie, Owen and Others Over Troubled Water.

Lyricys Edit

Courtney: Me and Owen Love eachoter

Harold: Eacthother

Courtney: I Love you so much bayby were going to be with eachother forever

Harold: forever

Courtney: Owen I Love you and i hope we can be togther forever

Owen: and ever and ever!

Harold: togther forever

Courtney: I Love you Owen

Duncan: I'm getting kind of mad! You guys are so dang stupid!

Duncan: Looking at you together makes me... *pukes*

Courtney: i loved you since the frist time i saw you

Owen: Whatever Duncan says you are kinda peppy

Harold: he loved her scince the frist time he sawed her

Courtney: and i know were gonna be togther forever foerver forever and forever

Owen: Blah blah blah blah and we're done! YEEHAW!


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