AlejandroAlejandro: the Killer SnowmanAre You Afraid?
Battle of the Sexists (Minute To Eat It)BethBeth-Tyler Relationship
BradyBridgetteBridgette's Alliance
Camping (I'am Scared Of The Dark)Camping Out DoorsCelebrity Manhunt Total Drama The Action Reunion Special
Climbing UpCodyCome Fly With Us
CourtneyCourtney-Owen RelationshipDJ
DJ-Beth RelastionshipDJ-LeShawna RelationshipDance Off (Gotta Find The Keys)
DuncanEvaEva-Gunter Relationship
Eva-Tyler RelationshipEx-TremeEzekiel
Ezekiel's AlliancesEzekiel-Cody+Sierra ConflictFacing It
Fear Fear RevolutionFollow The TrackGeoff
Going FastGunterGwen
HaroldHeatherHeather's Alliance
Heather-Alejandro RelationshipHello GoodbyeI'am Pain
I Don't Wanna GoI See London...I See France....I See Izzy's Underpants....Indiana Geoff In the Crystal Skulls, Part 1
Indiana Geoff In the Crystal Skulls, Part 2IzzyIzzy's Alliances
Izzy-Brady RelationshipIzzy-DJ RelationshipIzzy-Eva Friendship
Izzy-Justin RelationshipJackJavier
Javier-Izzy RelationshipJavier Wars: The Eva WarsJustin
Justin BondsKatieKatie-Sadie Conflict
Katie-Sadie FriendshipKatie-Sierra ConflictKatie Vs. Courtney! Dogeball Of Terror
LeShawnaLindsayList Of Pets
List of Total Drama, The Action EpisodesList of Total Drama, The Island SongsList of Total Drama, the World Locations
List of Total Drama The Island (Season 1) EliminationList of Total Drama The Island (Season 1) EpisodesLive To China, Watch Your Bamboo
MariaMarkMark's Alliances
Owen, I Love YouPhantom Of The OwenPlaya Des Losers
Pokemon Battle Revo-SadieReady, Set, PaintballRock n' Rule
SadieSherlock MarksSierra
So You Think You Can Sleep?Stupid Eva and NoahTDTA Aftermath I: Melissa or No Josh
TDTA Aftermath II: The Mellisa and The BanileyTeam Chris Is Really, Really, Really, Really HotTeam Sierra Is Really Really Hot
Team WinnersTeam ZekeTeams
The Almost Wedding CrashersThe Good, The Bad, And the IzzyThe Killer Mice
The Screaming Up'sTotal Drama, The Action (Season 2)Total Drama, The Action Aftermath
Total Drama, The Action the WebsiteTotal Drama, The Heroes Vs. the Villains (Season 5)Total Drama, The Island Aftermath
Total Drama, The Reloaded (Season 4)Total Drama, the World (Season 3)Total Drama: The Musical
Total Drama Aftermath I: Sadie, Owen and Others Over Troubled WaterTotal Drama Aftermath II: Adventures in EliminationsTotal Drama The Action Season Two Elimination Table
Total Drama The Island (Season 1)Total Drama The Reloaded Aftermath'sTotal Drama The Reloaded Eliminations
Total Drama The Reloaded WikiTotal Drama the World Season Three Elimination TableTrent
Trent-Katie RelastionshipTrent-Sadie ConflictTyler
Walk Like A Hebrew, Part 1Walk Like An Brazilian - Part OneWalk Like An Brazilian - Part Two
Welcome To Camp Reloaded, Part 1Welcome To Camp Reloaded, Part 2Who's Gonna Show Off There Talent
Your Very StupidZoey
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