Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Episode eliminated

TDTI: Are You Afraid?/TBA

Place TDTI: 14th/3rd
Friends Izzy,Sierra,Cody (possibly)
Played by Zannabanna


Season OneEdit

In Welcome To Camp Reloaded, Part 1 She didnt To Much And Only said One Line.

In Welcome To Camp Reloaded, Part 2 She Had A Few Lines and Helped Her team.

In Are You Afraid? She Was Eliminated for Making Her Team Lose

In Battle of the Sexists (Minute To Eat It) She Returend Along With Sadie And Joined Izzy's Alliances.

In Dance Off (Gotta Find The Keys) Her Team Found The Key first and Sierra Gave Her immunity To Her Because People Her Going To vote Off Eva (heather, Alejandro (as she thought).

In I'am Pain She Ate A Black Widow And Was ok She Also Started a Relationship With Tyler and won the challenge.

Season TwoEdit

In Indiana Geoff In the Crystal Skulls, Part 2 she Along With Izzy and Justin Found 70 skulls and She Became A Team Captain Just Like Izzy.

In Rock n' Rule she Sung Back round vocals for The band.

In Alejandro: the Killer Snowman She Got Caught finally Near The End.

In Javier Wars: The Eva Wars She Was On Tema Blue And Her Team Won.

In The Good, The Bad, And the Izzy She Was Happy To See Izzy Return

In Aftermath IV: The Finals She Was Cheering For izzy with Gunter

In Celebrity Manhunt Total Drama The Action Reunion Special She Went To Prison After Bridgette Won For Stealing But escaped 3 weeks later. She Advanced To The Next Season

Season ThreeEdit

In Walk Like An Brazilian - Part One She Arrived At The Camp And of Course did The challenge...But She Really Didnt Talk Much In The episode.

In Walk Like An Brazilian - Part Two Her Team lost The Challenge And She Was In The Final 2 At The Elimination When Chris Called The other Person And Eva was eliminated.....Then The Cops Came To Capture Eva And She left After Her Elimination To Get Away From The Cops.



  • She Was One Of The People To Return (other, Sadie)