Chris McLean likes to torment the campers with various challenges (most of which are painful and hated by the campers). The challenges usually come with a twist (which Chris does not tell the campers about until they need to know about it). Usually if something happens in a challenge, it turns out to be Chris' special idea, though this has not been the case in certain challenges. When a camper wins a challenge they (or their team) receive invincibility from elimination.

List Of Challenges in Total Drama The IslandEdit

  1. Race to the top of the cliff.
  2. Jump down the 1,000,000,00 height cliff and make a hot tub and somothie.
  3. A Pokemon battle.
  4. A-Wake-Athon.
  5. Dogeball.
  6. Talent Show.
  7. Survial Challange.
  8. Facing your fears.