Battle of the Sexists
Season 1, Episode 14
First Aired (USA) July 21, 2010
Song(s) Eat, Eat, Eat
Challenge Eating Disgusting Food
Winner(s) Girls
Episode Guide
"Dance Off (Gotta Find The Keys)"


The episode started it out with the merge. Alliance's were quickly formed like Izzy's and Bridgette's. The challenge was boys vs. girls. A shocker happened when two people came back...Sadie and Eva. Sadie didn't seem mad that Bridgette replaced her and said they could be two BFFL's with Katie but she was burning up inside and said Bridgette was wrapped around her finger. Everyone got really mad that it was reward and not elimination especially Heather and Alejandro the main antagonists of the season. Some people like Sierra were happy. Heather and Alejandro break up showing that Alejandro was using her in the first place. Bridgette helped her up and made an alliance to vote off Alejandro which succeeds in the next episode. Tyler started thinking about cheating on Beth to get Eva on his side but Katie found out before anything happened. The Boys vs. Girls challenge beginned eating disgusting foods. The girls had some early out and in the end the girls won but mainly Izzy who had immunity. A gross song went on and the episode ended. But questions still remained.






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